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Company Name:
Excite Ed!



2139 Hoeschler Drive
LaCrosse WI 54601











Karen Wrolson

Area of Expertise:

  • At-risk teenagers
  • Parenting
  • Educational modifications for at-risk teenagers

Books Authored:

  • You Don't Get Me! - Understanding Challenging Teenagers
  • Behind the Masque - Teenage Bullying Co-Author
  • Teenage Girls: The Guide for Health, Wellness & Self-Esteem Co-Authored

Seminars or Keynote Topics

    • Finding Meaning in your Life
    • Create your Personal Mission Statement
    • Establishing Quality Friendships
    • Surviving and Conquering Life Transitions
    • The Hard Work of Grieving
    • How to Parent Challenging Teenagers
    • Is it OK to be a Friend to my Child?
    • How do I Know if my Child is Depressed?
    • How to Reconnect with your Child
    • Help! My Child is Gay!
    • They Say my Child is a Bully
    • Building Self Esteem in Children
    • Chores to Raise a Responsible Adult - Age 2 and on
    • Practical and SAFE Computer and Cell Phone Rules for Kids
  • Education:
    • Educational Modifications for At-Risk Teenagers
    • Are They Failing or are We Failing Them?
  • Businesses:
    • Overcoming Communication Problems in the Workplace
    • Volunteer Recruitment, Training and Retention
    • Conflict in the Workplace

Background Information:

Karen Wrolson has an extensive professional history working with challenging teenagers. For over 20 years, Karen assisted in the development and direction of two schools for at-risk teenagers. As the Director and Counselor of these schools, she worked with over 500 teens and their families. Both schools had exceptional results including a decrease in the student drop out rate, an increase in individual GPA's, an increase in individual school attendance, a decrease in school rule violations, as well as monthly involvement in community volunteer work.

In her company, Excite Ed!, Karen offers customized staff development to businesses as well as educational presentations on multiple topics to area groups. She serves as a Professional Life Coach to parents of children of all ages. She also coaches individuals going through transitions such as empty nest, divorce, retirement, etc.

Karen has a Master's Degree in Counseling, a Master's Degree in Education, as well as certification as a Professional Life Coach. Her 20 plus year professional background, combined with her extensive educational preparation, make her well served to help others improve the quality of their lives.

On a personal note, Karen moved from Wisconsin in 2011 to Camarillo CA. She is involved in giving back to her new community and is assisting local school systems with their at-risk students.



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