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Linda Ellis Eastman
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Empowerment Voice Newsletter Fall 2010 Special Edition

Featured Guest Columnist 2

Linda Ellis Eastman Linda Ellis Eastman is CEO of The Professional Woman Network (PWN) an international consulting organization dedicated to the empowerment of women and youth on a global basis. Founded in 1982, Ms. Eastman has trained and certified over 3,900 women from 21 countries to start their own consulting and seminar practices. Individuals from countries such as Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Mexico, the Philippines, Jamaica and the U.S. Virgin Islands have attended certification seminars conducted by Linda Ellis Eastman. Websites: and

An expert on women's issues and challenges of the African American community, Ms. Eastman founded Professional Woman Publishing in 2005 dedicated to providing books co-authored by over 500 PWN international members and dedicated to raising the dignity and self-esteem of women globally.

As quoted by Linda Ellis Eastman:

"I have always had a passion to help those who were troubled, carried heavy burdens, were hurt or simply needed help on their journey thru life. In particular, I feel emboldened to provide support for African American women and families who continue to feel the brunt of racism and gender bias which continues to be pervasive in the USA. During 1982, it was placed on my heart to create a highly diverse network of women which would include at least 50% women of color. To date, we now have over 65% of PWN being women of color with the majority holding a Bachelor's Degree and a large number completing their Master's Degree or PhD.

What I have learned on my journey is that there has been a great deal of childhood abuse which has been masked for a long, long time. In my coaching and consulting practice, I stress the importance of living in the "truth" and unmasking oneself. We as women must learn to provide support for one another rather than judging and being critical of another's behavior and actions. As more women become open about their past, a wonderful cathartic feeling occurs and if women share this in a "safe" environment with trustworthy women, then warm, loving support is given to this woman as she heals emotionally.

One of my greatest joys has been certifying 3,000 women from various countries so that they in turn may reach out to others and help women, children and families heal. I have instilled in each PWN member the importance of lifting and encouraging others. The certification seminars cover topics such as building self-esteem, assertiveness vs. aggressiveness, overcoming toxic relationships and healing the inner child. As I observe the consultants, trainers, ministers, and professional coaches within our PWN sisterhood start their businesses and reach out to women in prison, the abused, battered, and neglected, I feel blessed beyond words.

It is important for each of us to reach out to others thru acceptance rather than tolerance, kindness rather than judgment, and a complete feeling of servitude to really make a difference in the lives of others. I feel blessed to have touched the lives of over 100,000 women globally in the past twenty eight years since founding PWN."


Contact: Professional Woman Publishing
P.O. Box 333 • Prospect KY. 40059
Tele: 502.345.4139

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