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Company Name: Female Future



Dollingerstrasse 16 A,
80630 Munich








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Christopher Weber-Furst

PWN International Literary Award Recipient


The Future is Female-Leading from the Future as it emerges coming out early 2015.

I am a co-writer this book in German and it is coming out early 2015.


Christopher is a CTI Executive Coach with a long experience working internationally. He performs leadership training and consulting to women leaders and their organizations seeking to effect breakthrough changes for themselves, the business and society.

Seminars or Keynote Topics:

The Future is Female: how to make a career and live happy with family, friends and yourself.

With a Norwegian approach transforming and creating your organization to a diverse and innovative culture with focus on people, planet and profitability.

Christopher originally comes from Norway and in 2008 he moved to Munich in Germany. He has a long history of being a manager, leadership coach and organizational developer. Having just turned 60, he feels as fit as never before to continue his work to make people flourish. When he considers his role as a coach, he has developed a lot since his first outset in 2004. Now, he is just as much a mentor, sharing his business experience with his clients. But, what he finds, and his clients really appreciate this, is how he in his coaching, make them conscious about their own behavior and how that affects others. He states that your personality is your most important competence and he is somewhat surprised that so many leaders know so little about themselves and their own personality. It is his experience that clients want more than coaching in the coaching. They want help to solve a certain issue and they want it right there and now.

His academic background comes from pedagogy, science and sociology.

He is a highly accredited professional, ICF (International Coach Federation) coach at the PCC level serving organizations at top management and executive level.

He coaches CEOs, board members and individuals with very good resonance and supports them to achieve results through their teams. He help them to find a clear inner positioning (also with values) and challenges his clients in getting in "on the road" / implementing it in their professional and personal life.


Contact: Professional Woman Publishing
P.O. Box 333 • Prospect KY. 40059
Tele: 502.345.4139

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