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Shon'Tia Turner

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Tifton, Ga




Shon'Tia Turner

Shon'Tia Turner - Been There Done That


  • Property Management (Section 42 Tax Credit Housing, Section 8 Housing, Compliance Specialist)
  • Case Management (Parent Aid, Case Support Individual, & Juvenile Tracking)
  • Providing social services to women & children Catering Southern Style Meals

Books Authored:

  • "The Essence of Me"
    Healing Nourishment for my Soul

Seminars and topics offered:

  • Economical Cooking
  • Shopping on a Budget

Shont’Tia was born and raised in South Georgia. She’s the oldest child from her mother and the middle child from her dad. She has eleven siblings, an army of nieces and nephews, cousins for days, and aunts and uncles both fictive and kin. Family is everything to Shon’Tia. She’s a single mother of two amazing daughters. They are her Pride and Joy. They are not perfect and neither is she; they are the two most important things she got right.

Life has not been easy for Shon’Tia, as there have been many obstacles in her life that would bring the strongest person to their knees. However, Shon’Tia always kneeled and looked up to God to see a way out of her dark situation. She did not believe being a child from a dysfunctional home was an excuse to be a statistic. She did not believe that being a teen mother was an excuse to stay on public assistance. She knew she owed her two daughters a good life and so much more.

Therefore, she became a college graduate and professional woman. Shon’Tia’s climb through college was not easy because the social welfare system worked against her... not with her. However, she knew hope and resilience were the key ingredients to the recipe for a happy and successful life. Shon’Tia holds a Culinary Arts Certification from Turner Job Corps. She is a graduate of Georgia Military College with an AA in Criminal Justice and Valdosta State University with a BA in Clinical and Applied Sociology.

She considers being Mom to Maya and Alexis her greatest accomplishment. Shon’Tia has a passion and love for cooking and feeding souls. Her struggles and her passion together have helped to shape the woman she is today. Coupled together they are her Essence. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly times she survived. “The Essence of Me” tells her story of healing and overcoming all hurdles throughout her life. She shares family and budget friendly recipes throughout her book. She hopes and prays that every woman who reads her book will become inspired and know that they are not alone.


Contact: Professional Woman Publishing
P.O. Box 333 • Prospect KY. 40059
Tele: 502.345.4139

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