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1700 Fountain Court #3302
Columbus, GA 3194







Dr. Sheila R. Trapp

Dr. Sheila R. Trapp - Leading Above PrivilegeDr. Sheila R. Trapp - Seven Weeks
Dr. Sheila R. Trapp - Let The Next Leaders Lead

Books Authored:

  • Learning How to Wait
  • Even Me
  • Spiritual Intelligence & Public Servant Leadership
  • Principles of the Public Servant
  • The Higher Perspective of Leadership
  • Leading Above Privilege: Confronting the Fear to Lead
  • Seven Weeks: Unpacking Trauma in Organizational Leadership
  • Let the Next Leaders Lead

Area of Expertise:

  • Organizational Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Grants Management
  • Fundraising
  • Multi-Site Operations
  • Training & Leadership Development
  • Grant Writer (State, Fed., HUD)
  • Team building
  • Change Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Organizational Design & Development
  • Cross Functional Team Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • Coordinating Volunteers
  • Project Planning & Execution
  • Strategic Planning & Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Operating Infrastructure

Seminars or keynotes Offered:

  • Leading Above Privilege
  • Public Servant Leadership
  • Spiritual Intelligence
  • Being Me...Even Me
  • Leadership on ALL Levels

Dr. Sheila R. Trapp is humbled by the many blessings in her life, including being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and her new role as grandmother. She contends that her grandchildren have changed her life and make her better at living. Dr. Trapp has worked for over 30 years in various management and leadership roles, including Executive Director and Board Treasurer. She has a passion for leadership on issues of inequality, women's rights, and advocacy, which impelled her interest in becoming involved with developing the next generation of girls and young women interested in simply being themselves. The racial, economic, social, and transformative justice agendas await the female leaders of generation next who dare to lead authentically. Dr. Trapp believes that to release the best of you, you must embrace and sometimes confront the truths about you.

Dr. Trapp has fundamental skills in capacity building and coaching, and developing others. She has served on numerous committees and activism groups working towards community and system-level changes. She strives to teach others the power of their existence. Her favorite saying is, no one can beat you at being you. So be you.

Dr. Trapp is a native of New Jersey and the CEO of S. Renae Consultant Group, which serves to Redefine Public Servant Leadership on all fronts. She has a Doctorate of Management degree in Organizational Leadership and Master's degrees in Organizational Management and Theological Studies. She is also a Certified Public Manager and the author of several books. Dr. Sheila R. Trapp is available for seminars, retreats, and speaking engagements based on her latest book, Leading Above Privilege: Confronting the Fear to Lead. You can contact her at srenaeconsult@gmail.com.



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