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Company Name: Conrad Business Results

Address:   0N330 RogersCourt,
West Chicago, IL 60185
Phone:   630-728-4177
Email:   bobi@conradbusinessresults.com
Website:   www.conradbusinessresults.com
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Bobi Siembieda

Bobi Siembieda - Ready Set Soar

Areas of Expertise:

  • Business Coaching
  • Certified EOS Implementer
  • Certified Kolbe Consultant

Books Authored:

  • Ready. Set. Soar! Your guild to building a career without a college degree

Seminars or Keynote Topics:

  • Get A Grip On Your Business! Systems Will Set You Free

Bobi is a gardening enthusiast.  She loves to get her hands dirty while planting, nurturing and seeing a new plant, tree or shrub take on a life of its own.   There is no coincidence that she enjoys this so much.  She is passionate about bringing life, energy and positive change to everything she touches.

Bobi and her two siblings were raised in Chicago by two hardworking, and loving parents.  They taught her that respect begins at home, to support those less fortunate and that there wasn't anything she couldn't do if she applied her mind and soul to it.  

In her book, Bobi tells her story of how she built her career in technology without a college degree.   She has come to understand that there are various reasons why people don't complete a college degree today.  While there are many that have the resources and support needed to advance in life without the traditional degree program, there are those less fortunate.  She does her best to tell her story and relate her experiences to help inform those in need of assistance so they too can advance in life, thrive and feel the satisfaction of success.

As a seasoned business strategist, speaker, business execution coach, today she is the CEO of her own Company.  She collaborates with Business Owners and their Leadership Teams teaching them "how to fish" so that they get more of what they want from their business.  

Bobi is often recognized by clients and colleagues for her unique ability to hear what's not being said when a person is describing an issue they're dealing with.  She names it with kindness, generosity and love.  By applying a platform of business resources to the issue quickly, on the spot she helps the person or team both understand their inner impediments and quickly come up with practical, concrete solutions.

Bobi spends her free time enjoying time with her family and working with a local organization providing mentoring services to victims of Domestic Violence and Homelessness helping them reclaim their lives through education.  

She has a Bachelor degree from DePaul University.

To learn more please visit  www.conradbusinessresults.com


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