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Sabrina Harris



  • Co-author of The New Next

Areas of Expertise:

  • Professional Mental Health Counseling Services - Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)
  • Licensed Clinical Counselor (Specializing in Dependency & Child Welfare)
  • Specialization in Violent Victimization & Traumatization - Certified Trauma Professional (CTP)
  • Crisis Intervention and Recovery - Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist (CIS)
  • Certified Life and Empowerment Coach
  • Domestic Violence Advocate

Seminars or keynotes Offered:

  • Trauma-wise vs. Traumatized 
  • Overcoming Violent Victimization & Traumatization - The Pathway to Breakthroughs, Healing & Liberation
  • Dysfunctional Blinders - The I Did Not Know Syndrome (Domestic Violence and Abuse Topic) 
  • Family Entanglements (Domestic Violence and Abuse Topic) 
  • To Thine Own Self Be True - Soul Healing in Action 
  • The Power of a Woman (A Powerful Woman's Perspective) 
  • Becoming Acquainted with Your Inner Child (Overcoming Abandonment Issues) 
  • Self-forgiveness (You Deserve to be Forgiven Too) 
  • Cultured Pearls of Wisdom Show - Eternal Wisdom in Teaching
  • IT'S HEALING TIME - My Name is Sabrina and I Am a Cycle Breaker!
  • Faulty Cognitions & Distorted Realities - Do You See What I See? 
  • There's a Stranger in My House - The Intrusive & Pervasive Nature of Trauma
  • Intergenerational Negative Thinking - How Negative Thinking Becomes a Family Trait 

Sabrina’s professional career expands three decades to include: public service, business administration and management, quality assurance management, frontline supervision, healthcare services, professional training and development, professorship, entrepreneurship, public safety, professional mental health counseling, crisis intervention and support, trauma-informed psychoeducation and care, holistic wellness intervention, child welfare and victim advocacy, empowerment coaching, intercultural competence training, motivational speaking, in addition to being a culture enthusiast, humanitarian, philanthropist and community activist.

Sabrina is a two-time graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University (FL) having obtained a Masters degree (MS) in Counseling Psychology (with a tri-certification in Mental Health, Addictions and Marriage & Family Therapy) in 2008, in addition to a Masters degree (MLD) in Leadership in 2015. Sabrina is currently in the final phase of doctoral studies with National Louis University (Tampa, FL), she on track to graduate and publish with her Ed.D. in the discipline of Counseling Psychology and Supervision (Spring 2022), and she is a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner and Certified Trauma Professional (CTP) specializing in crisis intervention, violent victimization and trauma-informed care.

Sabrina is the Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director & Advocacy Strategist of the House of Loveillionaires Inc.™, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization utilizing psychoeducation, activism, advocacy and community engagement to primarily educate and motivate mature women, young adult women, and young ladies in their teens to positively gain (or regain) and maintain control of their lives in a healthy and functional manner after traumatic experiences. This “cutting-edge” ministry engages a multi-faceted approach towards goal accomplishment to include (but not limited to): psychoeducation, trauma-informed workshops, empowerment forums, social projects, professional counseling, healing circles, empowerment coaching, holistic wellness, documentaries, online trainings, self-help resources, beauty enhancement makeovers, and so forth. Sabrina is a fully invested and respected Domestic Violence Advocate with a wealth of experiential and clinical tapestry underlining her un!
wavering push to help eradicate this most debilitating phenomenon.

Sabrina is the Visionary, Host & Lead Producer of the Cultured Pearls of Wisdom Show©, a multi-dimensional social media based talk show platform strategically designed to unveil, highlight, explore, and emphasize “solution-oriented approaches” towards addressing societal topics of interest such as: mental health awareness, trauma-attending, sacred healing spaces, positive psychology, holistic wellness approaches, faith-based and mental stability infusions, healthy relationship dynamics, brain training, positive mind shifts, proven coping and healing strategies, medical recommendations, etc. With over 50+ interviews executed and counting, Sabrina maintains a “clear and convincing” approach to providing a safe haven for elevation, education and healing for those open to receive from participating guest to audience viewers.

Sabrina is a contributing author and affiliate of the Professional Woman Network (PWN), and her feature in the newly launched bestseller “THE NEXT”, as published by Professional Woman Publishing, is a “must read” from start to finish, but specifically the Chapter 7 on the topic “The Power of a Woman from a Powerful Woman’s Perspective” if you desire to pattern your life by the biblical orchestration of the Proverbs 31 Woman. This book is a “must-have” as it relates to designing a personal blueprint to create a transformed life of success. As a direct result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, women in business and beyond face even more of a significant challenge as it relates to pivoting towards “new norms” while endeavoring to reinvent, elevate, and sustain themselves.

Sabrina is also the Founder & Business Mastermind of Sapphires, Rubies & Diamonds Legacy Builders©, which is a socially-based business engine providing professional development and entrepreneurial opportunities which emphasize: multiple streams of income, legacy building, generational wealth, transformational leadership, turnkey business strategies, in addition to marketing and promotion through one-to-one interviews and subsequent promotions. Sabrina touts the Harriet Tubman Syndrome which emphasizes the importance of leaving no one behind if they are willing to go by strategically presenting viable ways to be successful across the board in business both individually and collectively. She also holds sacred within her heart the biblical scripture Proverbs 18:16 (KJV) which speaks to the understanding that our gifts will make room while encouraging and motivating those who cross paths with her to appreciate the 9-5 grind when it is beneficial, but to tap into the BOSS that !
is lying dormant and waiting inside the minds and hearts of many.

Transformational is the single word that best describes Sabrina as a woman of faith, educator, professional, leader, clinician, counselor, coach, and spiritual advisor. She subscribes to the humble notion that as a collective part of humanity, we are responsible for each other in some manner; therefore, whatever we cultivate within ourselves should be selflessly shared for the betterment of those we are blessed to connect with in this life. Her entire professional career has been devoted to public service, and she has strategically developed and positioned herself to be of dedicated service, empowerment, elevation, inspiration, motivation and support to others. 
Professional counseling, coaching, and mentoring have been Sabrina’s long-term community investments (particularly for youth of all ages) yielding many positive and unforgettable returns. She has been blessed to be a dedicated conduit through which individuals evolving from crisis situations have received the continuum of professional intervention, trauma-informed care, and the ongoing support needed to transformationally address their crises, traumas, mental illnesses, recovery, holistic wellness, and future advancement needs. Biblical scripture teaches us that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds, which emphasizes the need to positively develop and evolve through guided pathways such as: psychoeducation, spiritual conditioning, soul healing, committed positive change, in addition to experiencing continuous re-births to realize one’s fullest realm of potential. Sabrina’s daily goal of objectivity is to help others realize the best within themselves, and to !
remain an integral part of helping realize a better today and a brighter tomorrow for our society as a whole.

Sabrina is a  recipient of the Legacy South Florida Most Influential & Prominent Black Women in Business and Industry of 2018, featured on the People of Power Show (October 2018), recipient of the SHERO Award for community activism (2015, 2018), Keynote speaker for Palm Beach County Victim Services (2018, 2019), featured in the Voyage MIA Magazine for her non-profit success (2018, 2019, 2020), recipient of the 2019 Feminist Empowerment Award from the National Coalition for 100 Black Women (South County Chapter), feature presenter for Reignite Florida Leadership Summit (2017, 2018), BANWO Foundation Blaze Award Nominee (2019), BANWO Soar Award Recipient (2020), Non-profit First Executive Director of the Year (2020), Featured in Riviera Beach Moments Volume 3 Memoir, Young Men of Distinction Award Recipient (2020), Hats Off Hero Award Nominee (2021) Non-profits First, Inc., Cultured Pearls of Wisdom Talk Show Creator & Host, Polishing the Jewels in You Business Show Creator & Host, in addition to various television, news and radio features, motivational speaker invitations, moderator and guest appearances, commendations, certificates, awards and public accolades.



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