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Shelley Dawn Wilson


  • Communication Skills - Personal and Professional
  • Executive Search, Customized Recruitment Services and Training
  • Meditation Facilitator; Energy Worker; and Channel


  • Secrets – Letting go of the Past, Abandonment and Shame. An auto-biography by Shelley Dawn Wilson.


  • Take Ownership Of Your Healing: Identify the Unique Tools for your Toolbox
  • Embrace Your Authentic Self
  • Enhance All Relationships Through Conscious Communication
  • Executive Search And Customized Recruitment Services
  • Resume Writing, Interviews and Exit Interviews
  • Connect To Your Guides
  • Group Meditation

Shelley is a fourth-generation Canadian of Irish, Scottish and Mohawk ancestry, born in Nanaimo, British Columbia. She was raised by teenage parents who struggled to do their best and be loving parents; however, despite their heroic efforts, her childhood consisted of instability, addiction, abuse, abandonment, multiple marriages, family secrets and maternal intergenerational shame. She unconsciously bumbled through her life until the age of 30 when, entering a second divorce, she realized that she was repeating the same patterns as her parents, which she had sworn she would never do! Her inner journey began then when she consciously accepted personal responsibility to improve her life and live beyond secrets and shame.

This is her story of the teachers and tools that she used in her healing journey toward loving herself. There are many ways to forgive, to forget and move on to a happier life, and the variety of healing modalities that she embraced certainly reflects this. Once she made the commitment to her Self to be free of shame, the universe came through with support in messages, events, teachers, tools, spirituality and love. It is her hope that her sharing's will encourage and support others to embrace their healing and achieve their dreams.

Through formal education, Shelley achieved a B.A., B.Sc., and M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, and has lived in Alberta, Ontario, Colorado, California, Arizona, Thailand, India, and Nepal. Today, she is a certified practitioner in a range of healing modalities and energy work, with a busy corporate consulting practice in B.C.'s beautiful Okanagan valley.

Shelley is available for seminars, workshops and as a keynote speaker based on her book, Secrets – Letting go of the Past, Abandonment and Shame, an autobiography. Contact her through her email address, shelleydawnwilson@outlook.com.


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Tele: 502.345.4139

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