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Victoria Ruffin

Victoria Ruffin - Caught During The Fall

PWN International Literary Award Recipient


  • Caught During the Fall


  • Public Speaking
  • Community Outreach
  • Educational Leadership
  • Special Education
  • Program Development
  • Staff Development
  • Motivational Speaking

Victoria is a single mother to an amazing teenage daughter! She has served families in all levels of the K-12 settings as a: Teacher, Counselor, Special Education Coordinator, Dropout Prevention Advisor, and Secondary Assistant Principal. Additionally, she has an enormous passion for foster youth. Victoria has taught Independent Living Program (ILP) classes at the Community College level to foster youth and supported the same population through Early Start to Emancipation Preparation (ESTEP) services. She also has credits with being an adult supporter with the California Youth Connection (CYC) Programs while working for the Community Colleges Foundation.

She is well on her way to entrepreneurship. As the CEO of her company sHe Hoops II — "More than a Baller, A Scholar", Victoria is excited about the evolution of her brand and the unfolding of two emerging community based mentorship projects that will continue to empower youth and community members in the near future.

Victoria is passionate about teaching individuals to pursue excellence with integrity. She works effortlessly with people and their ability to acquire necessary skills with confidence to achieve the greatness they deserve. She has created countless platforms for urban youth to express themselves. Victoria is that individual while others are "talking about it, she is being about it".

A problems-solver by nature, she is quick to roll up her sleeves to get the job done. While dealing with the unique challenges that underprivileged communities face she is that change agent and doesn't hesitate to charge others to do the same.

Victoria's call for service was initiated long before she was willing to embrace it. Her becoming a mother and choosing to consciously reflect on personal life choices shifted her reality. Tremendous lessons about positioning, taking ownership, forgiving self, loving in spite of, being open to grow, being the change you want to see, and not letting your circumstances be your condition were all elements wrapped in the fabric of her transformation. Life's lessons were at the root of Victoria writing her memoir. Victoria's book is a reflection of what can happen when a person takes ownership of their ability to choose — once that person decides to rationalize their reality — anything is possible.

Victoria stimulates and inspires others to take control of their civil liberties with involvement. She coined the term during her Dropout Prevention tenure "It's never too late, to graduate" as she advocated for urban youth to earn an education by any means necessary. Her motivational talks to students, families, and various community based partnerships; all promote social and political awareness and a desire to shift mindsets by amending ignorance with action. The information she shares enlightens some and empowers others. What Victoria is delivering is nothing new under the sun; however, her compassion and personal connection with marginalized communities exudes from her will to pay it forward. She beat the odds! Her life is a living testament of how great God's grace is.

Being a single mother, educator and aspiring entrepreneur people constantly questioned how she managed it all. Her life today is no different from any other person. She believes at its core, personal change, is at the root of every person's transformation and destiny. Life is real. It genuinely is about how we as people (who are able to consciously) determine whether or not the glass is half full or half empty view the world. Victoria been blessed to have a great support system — wonderful friends, family, and mentors that keep her grounded. People that support her, and fill her life with love…her "village effect". Equally, she has a tremendous number of gifts! She has a passion for helping others, learning, growing, inspiring, being inspired. Never disregarding her journey considering her life "ain't been no crystal stairs" Victoria endeavors to soar — if only for the pure reason that so many before her could not. Victoria strives to model what she would like to see in others. It is a beautiful thing when you can influence others just by your essence and it is an even more powerful venture to be directly involved with individuals who are growing with you along this journey! More than anything else, change has to start with self. It takes us owning our actions and being willing to push the status quo. There is no greater joy than helping someone else mature in and/or realize his/her destiny.

Victoria currently serves on the board of New Environmental Leaders of America (NELA) and is a Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. She is committed to the cause of social change. Victoria is currently an urban based School Psychologist with 17 years of educational experience. She holds a BA in Psychology from the University of California at Davis. A MS in Educational Counseling from National University. Her other credentials include an Administrative Tier 1 credential, and three PPSs (Pupil Personal Services) credentials in: School Psychology, Counseling, and Child Welfare & Attendance. At present she is second year doctoral candidate at the University of Southern California, Rossier School of Education with an emphasis on K-12 Urban Educational Leadership. In her spare time she enjoys listening to an assortment of music, attending jazz festivals, drawing/painting, dancing, reading a good novel, traveling, spending time with her loved ones, and participating in most outdoor adventures-especially snowboarding. Victoria resides in the Antelope Valley. As cathartic as it was, it has been her dream to write her memoir. Her first book, Caught During the Fall, will be released later this year!


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