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Company Name:
Pet Affection



Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada











Kelley Post

Kelley Post - Yes You CanKelley Post - Co-Bully No More

Areas of Expertise:

  • Motivational speaker
  • Over 30 years of Social Service work
  • Advocate
  • Animal behavior and psychology
  • Animal/human relationships

Books Authored:

  • The Pet Affection (2017)
  • The Female Architect (2016)
  • Yes You Can! Bloom Where You are Planted (2015)

Seminars or Keynote Topics:

  • Motivation towards Employment
  • Motivating the Young Adult out of the Basement
  • Advocating
  • Understanding the Love Connection with Your Pet
  • The Mental Health Benefits of Having a Pet

Kelley has worked in the social work field for more than 30 years. Counselling women from abusive situations into making positive life changing decisions. In the healthcare field working with seniors in residential care facilities. Facilitated workshops and one-on-one counselling for employment seekers. Facilitated Adult Education courses. Executive member of the Canadian Mental Health Association. Kelley is currently a Case Manager with Employment and Income Assistance.

Kelley and her husband Larry own a pet food distribution company in Manitoba. Kelley has studied Animal psychology and the relationship of pets and people. In all the years of counselling and assisting individuals to improve their life situations. Kelley has been countless societal and mental health benefits of having a pet. Her latest book, "The Pet Affection," takes an in-depth look at the love connection that we share with our pets.



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