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Dr. Tanja Isabella Nunnold

The Female Factor The Female Factor

Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Tanja Isabella is beauty, pleasure, and empowerment coach for high achieving professional women, artists, and entrepreneurs. She assists female leaders in healing underlying self esteem, self worth, and relationship issues that are often masked by outward achievement, perfectionism, and career driven success. She liberates women from being in a hyper-masculine state of over producing, burnt out, repression, and exhaustion to balancing their lives with the feminine powers of creativity, beauty, receiving, radiance, unconditional self love, all embracing self expression, and unlimited possibilities for enjoyment. She assists women in having the personal lives they truly desire and delight in by becoming more graceful in their power, more confident in the bodies, more sensual in their relationships, and more open to their Divine Feminine ability to receive in order to create more joy, balance, loving connection, ease, beauty, passion, and pleasure in their lives.


  • The Female Factor a Confidence Guide For Women
  • Finding Your Voice The Assertive & Empowered Woman
  • The Queen Types: The Five Jewels to Living Your Most Majestic Life- Coming in the Near Future

Seminars or Keynote Topics:

  • Embracing the Pleasure Path- Going from Exhaustion and Burnout to Beauty, Pleasure & Feminine Empowerment.
  • On Becoming A Sovereign Queen: Going from the Princess in Need of Rescue to Standing in Your Divine Feminine Power.
  • Sacred Love, Sacred Beauty, and Sacred Sexuality.
  • The QueenTypes- The Five Jewels to Living Your Most Majestic Life.

Dr. Tanja Isabella Nunnold has a Doctorate of Divinity and Spiritual Philosophy with an emphasis in the Divine Feminine and her dissertation was on her spiritual heroine Mary Magdalene. She is a lover of healing and beauty and she has practiced Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology since 2006. She also loves to combine healing and beauty by make-up artistry and Tanja has been trained by a celebrity make-up artist. She has been a hair and fashion model in the past and she was also awarded the Paragon award for being a model of ethical and moral excellence.

Dr. Tanja Isabella has a Masters in Exercise Science and a Masters in Education and she is an Associate Professor at Bryant and Stratton University. She is also a public speaker and an author. She has published several scientific journals and she has co-authored two books on Woman's Empowerment. She has also been awarded a scholarship to write her own book that will be completed by the end of 2017. Dr. Tanja Isabella is a Certified Womans Empowerment Coach. She is obtaining her 600 hour Integrated Sex, Love, and Relationship Professional Certification that will be completed in 2017. She is the CEO of Crown Jewels Consulting International and Majestic Beauty at www.yourmajesticbeauty.com where she teaches women to celebrate their sacred beauty and passionate living.


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