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Company Name: The Medel Group

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2204
La Habra, CA 90632-2204

Telephone: (562) 556-3636
Website: www.TheMedelGroup.com

Rosemary Medel

The Young Man's Guide
The Baby Boomers Guide for Women
You're on Stage! Image, Etiquette, Branding & Style
Women's Journey to Wellness
Overcoming Obstacles, Transition & Change
Women as Leaders
Beyond the Body! Developing Inner Beauty


Women's Issues
Presentation Skills
Building Confidence

Seminars and topics offered:

  • Professional Presentation Skills
  • Assertiveness vs Aggressiveness
  • Empowerment Skills
  • Facing Risks & Change with Confidence

Additional Services:

  • Transition Coaching
  • Motivational Speaking

Rosemary Medel is the founder and President of The Medel Group, which trains and prepares its clients to face risks and change with confidence, develop their professional image through improved public speaking and presentation skills and teach women to be more powerful by learning the difference between Aggressiveness vs. Assertiveness.

She is a co-author of You're on Stage! Image, Etiquette, Branding & Style, A Woman's Journey to Wellness: Mind, Body & Spirit, Survival Guide for Overcoming Obstacles, Transition & Change and slated to co-author future PWN books titled Women as Leaders, Beyond the Body! Developing Inner Beauty, Young Man's Guide for Personal Success, and The Baby Boomer's Handbook for Women. The Medel Group's primary mission is to empower women who are ready to change their lives!

Rosemary holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Environmental Design. She is a certified trainer in Woman's Issues and a certified Professional Coach, and is an International Advisory Board member of the Professional Woman Network. She is also a member of both The Professional Woman Network International Speakers Bureau and the National Association of Female Executives. Rosemary Medel is available for personal and professional coaching sessions that will increase self- confidence through attainable goal setting, personal accountability, developing a mind set for success, and increasing self-esteem.


Contact: Professional Woman Publishing
P.O. Box 333 • Prospect KY. 40059
Tele: 502.345.4139

For information regarding WOMEN'S CERTIFICATION
and Becoming a member of The Professional Woman Network (PWN)
visit www.prowoman.net


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