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Ahmondra McClendon

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Company Name: Ahmondra, Inc.

Phone:   510-326-3511
Email:   ahmondra@ahmondra.com
Website:   www.ahmondra.com

Ahmondra McClendon

Rev. Ahmondra McClendon - The Happy Passenger: When God is your Designated Driver

Areas of Expertise:

  • Master Facilitator/Trainer
  • Personal Coach
  • Creating Healthy Environments

Books Authored:

  • The Gift of Transitions, A Tribute to Women
  • The Happy Passenger: When God is your Designated Driver

Seminars or Keynote Topics:

  • Passionate Living a New Existence
  • Standing on the Promises
  • Women in Transition Empowerment Program - Workshop

Ahmondra McClendon is a demonstration of "Passionate Living" in action. She lives each day doing what she loves while making a major impact in the world. She is a dynamic, transformational public speaker who doesn't just motivate her audiences; she supports them to transform their lives by having them contemplate the deeper issues of life. As a published author she crafts a message that stimulates others to strive for excellence.

Although her life is exciting, fulfilling and harmonious today, it wasn't always. Trapped in a world of drug-addiction, domestic violence, molestation, homicide and poverty she existed in a world of fear and uncertainty, a victim of her circumstances. Upon realizing that her circumstances did not have to determine her future, Ahmondra made herself the most important person in her life and transitioned from victim to victory. She learned that caring for one's self is the greatest gift we can give to others.

Embracing her dream of creating healthy environments where people can overcome their limitations, she earned a Master of Social Work Degree from San Francisco State University. With more than twenty plus years of experience in human services delivery Ahmondra is a trainer / consultant to Social Workers, Mental Health Professionals as well as CEO's and H.R. managers.

Ahmondra is Co-Founder and President of Adisa Enterprises, a Professional Consulting Firm where individuals young and old learn to bring Clarity to their visions, passions, and dreams. As the Managing Director of Women in Transition an Adisa Enterprise's Empowerment Program for Women, Ahmondra uses her Flight Plan For Life Curriculum to teach women how to successfully transition through life's most difficult challenges.

Ahmondra is a firm believer that anyone can create a life they love if they learn to navigate the waters of personal change. Through Ahmondra, Inc., a Training and Development Corporation specializing in enhancing personal and professional growth, she uses her many talents to support individuals to reach beyond their limitations and live passionately, even in the face of no agreement.


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