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Dr. Lisa Green-Derry

Books Authored:

  • Mostly Sunny, Partly Dramali in Between (releases Dec. 2020)
  • Book Chapter: I’ve Known Waters, Bayous, Rivers, Lakes, and Tears–Still I Rise to Tell the Stories in C. T. Johnson (Ed.), Didn’t Wash Us Away: Transformative Stories of Post Katrina Cultural Resilience

Areas of Expertise:

  • Designing graduate level education administration courses
  • Facilitating conversations about effects of trauma on communities
  • Providing editorial consultation for graduate theses and dissertations

Seminars or keynotes Offered:

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences, Resilience, and Retention: Preparing to Meet the Academic Needs of Students Traumatized by Natural Disasters
  • Bullying: It’s Negative Impact - Ways to Counter Act
  • Camaraderie, Community, and Love Among Us
  • Dual Generation Programming: From Pilot to Practice
  • Growing our Own, Inside and Out ~Trauma, You, and Teaching: What is Your Story?
  • Why are Schools so Afraid of Black Men and Boys?

Proud native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Lisa refers to herself as NOLA BRAR (New Orleans Born, Raised and Returned). She is a lover of God and people. Everything she does, says, writes and even refrains from doing is designed help those with whom she interacts to “be better, do better, understand, live and love better.”



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