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Michele Gorman

Finding My VoiceFinding My Connection
Finding My Power


  • Finding My Voice: A Reflection of Deep Healing Breathing
  • Finding My Connection; A Reflection of Soul Awakening
  • Finding My Power: A Reflection of Inner Peace

Michele Gorman has a successful career, education, and an incredible son who is thriving, but her story lies in not what she has to “show” but rather in the lfe she was given and her journey to spiritual awakening. From the earliest years before she could even speak, she was solo – no safety net, little guidance and even less love and nurturing. Keenly aware of human survival, she quickly assimilated and put “on face”. Journeying through deep pain, significant losses, abuse, neglect as well as successes, happiness, spirituality, love, and the deepest gratitude for the beauty of life and human existence. Michele's intuitive core connection to the DIVINE, which was not learned by environment, is what she credits for protecting her, guiding her and now enlightening her to her truest spiritual path.

Michele’s writings are reflective of her journey – and she would do it all over again if she was given the chance.

Michele Gorman will be a featured speaker at PWN International Conference 2025.




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