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Company Name: ESP, LLC

Address:   Clark and Kansas City, MO
Phone:   573-234-6222
Email:   KatrinaEverhart@yahoo.com

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Dr. Katrina Everhart


The Power of Change! Reinventing Yourself at Any Age


Conflict Resolution/Mediation
Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Systems Theory
Organizational Behavior
Project Management
Competitive Intelligence
Sea Research
Decision Sciences

Seminars and Topics Offered:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Dealing with Workplace Conflict
  • Using the Conflict Dynamics Profile, Individual and/or 360
  • Systems Theory in a Competitive Environment
  • Decision Making in the Workplace
  • Project Management for all Employees
  • Parliamentarian Rules for Project Managers
  • Competitive Intelligence Everyday
  • The Missouri Indians
  • Olive VanBibber Boone
  • Thomas Paine and 46 pages of Common Sense

Additional Services:

  • Project Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Mediations
  • Parliamentarian
  • Developing Competitive Intelligence Components for Projects
  • Focus Groups
  • Telefocus Groups
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Online Research

Katrina grew up in LA, earned her Bachelor's at Stephens, her Masters at University of Missouri and is ABD at Walden University. Specializing in conflict resolution/mediation, qualitative and quantitative research, systems theory, organizational behavior, project management, competitive intelligence, sea research, and decision sciences she's worked in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam and the US, training and conducting product research, product/service development and marketing. Past projects include Sprint's DSL, Talking Call Waiting, P&G Floor Care, American Express's Leadership Development. She is an author, Certified Project Manager, Mediator, Professional Researcher, Indexer, Underwater Naturalist/Archaeologist, and Parliamentarian. She manages her 180 year-old family cattle farm.

Her avocations include social entrepreneurship, organic farming, drying herbs, making herbal teas, yogurt, cheese, pasta, soap, natural dog biscuits/treats, candles, knits and crochets, and collects individual size personal items such as shampoo/soap for homeless or women's shelters, and helps with genealogical research for DAC. Presentations include: Mark Twain, Missouri Indians, Olive VanBibber Boone, Thomas Paine and Common Sense. She volunteers as a therapeutic clown, scuba dives, and racewalks competitively. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) in Hatha & Kundalini yoga and is also certified in Yoga in Chairs for MS, Reiki, Pilates, Tai Chi, and Zumba.


Contact: Professional Woman Publishing
P.O. Box 333 • Prospect KY. 40059
Tele: 502.345.4139

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