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Dr. Eleanor J. Roland

E. Joyce Roland - As We Go ForthBeing Black in America
The Empowered Black Female Leader


  • As We Go Forth
  • The Young Woman's Guide for Personal Success
  • Survival Skills for The African American Woman
  • Women's Journey to Wellness:Mind,Body& Spirit
  • The Baby Boomer's Handbook
  • Raising Healthy African American Girls
  • Raising Healthy African American Boys
  • Being Black in America
  • The Empowered Black Female Leader

Seminars and topics offered:

  • Self Affirmation and Journaling
  • Raising Healthy African American Boys and Girls
  • Habits of A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Ways to Create a Calm & Peaceful Life
  • Helping Adolescents Find their Personal Path to Success

Dr. Roland's expertise is in Women's Issues related to Wellness Training & Management, Stress and Conflict Management, Career, Health & Life coaching, and Leadership Development. Manageing stressful life events, whether mental or physical, are important to achieving one's goals in life. Dr. Roland uses her nursing and mental health skill base and her knowledge of personal and psychosocial development as a starting point for exploring ways to assist others in achieving maximum potential for success as an individual. Using mind,body and spirit approaches, she assists the individual in re-purposing and re-designing the self. The goal is to achieve self-discovery and self-actualization by participating in exercises to facilitate personal growth.

Dr. Roland is an doctorally prepared registered nurse who has a masters degree in Maternal-Child Nursing/Health and has used that background and her degree in Psychology to help women and youth achieve maximum health and to direct their lives toward achievement of personal and professional goals.


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