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Dr. Veronica Eddy

Dr. Veronica Eddy - Stop Networking NowDr. Veronica Eddy - Stop Networking Now


  • Only Believe: With God All Things Are Possible
  • Only Believe: With God All Things Are Possible, Spanish Translation

Areas of Expertise:

  • Women's Ministry Leader
  • Sunday School Teacher, Adults
  • Women's Empowerment
  • Grief Counseling/Workshops
  • Public speaking

Seminars or Keynote Topics:

  • Empowering Women
  • Cutting: How to help children overcome self-injury and discover that it is an end result of deeper problems.
  • Raising Girls-What You Need To Know: A daunting task in today's world of internet and possible predators. Understanding the need to belong creating dangerous situations of fulfillment seeking in places outside the security of family.
  • Grief Recovery Workshop: A journey into the depth of loss, emotional upheaval and disconnect leading to self-discovery and healing. A separate offering focusing on the emotional trauma and resultant despair of miscarriage
  • Stress: A condition of tension and upheaval due to internal or external situations self-induced or completely out of our control. Identifying and Understanding the Destructive Effects of Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Abuse. Also, identifying the origins of abuse in teen relationships.
  • Women's Ministry Offerings:
    • Women of Strength - profiling ordinary women doing extraordinary things.
    • When Life Gives You Lemons we make lemonade
    • The Power of Woman - how God used women throughout the centuries to defend, encourage, exhort and nourish His church.
    • Monsters In Your Closet - the courage to look in our mirrors, identify our monsters and work to rise above the stumbling blocks our enemy places in our path.
    • Women of Strength - it's O.K. to choose anonymity but we must never allow it to cause us to feel or become inferior
    • The Scarves (Scars) We Wear - We all wear scarves as a fashion accessory but what about the emotional scarves (scars) we wear and allow to choke us?

God's precious Word as my pastor trusted me with his pulpit when he vacationed.

In addition to this wonderful privilege authoring this book, I have also co-authored seven additional chapters.

I consider it an honor to minister to the needs of women both in healthy settings as well as in desperate situations. I am thankful to God for the gift of understanding that helps me relate to women in their most vulnerable as well as in highly stressed environments. It has always been my goal to pass on all God has blessed me with to make others better.




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