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Dr. Deirtre Cotton

Dr. Deirtre Cotton - Better After Being Broken

Area of Expertise:

  • Trauma Growth
  • Mental Toughness
  • Self Awareness
  • Development


  • Better After Being Broken

Seminars or Keynote Topics:

  • Better After Being Broken Series
  • The Journey of Journaling
  • Taming the Tongue, Talks and Thoughts
  • The Power and Positive affects of I AM Affirmations
  • Layers of Life
  • The Art of Forgiving and Flourishing
  • Your Vibe, Voice and Vision
  • Market Place Ministry


Dr. Deirtre Cotton is a catalyst to women who are hurting inside and are ready to heal. She creates atmospheres that empower women to reinvent themselves, so they are no longer a prisoner of their pain but liberated to turn their tragedy into a legacy. She activates, teaches, and demonstrates perception changing and self-actualization tools and lessons through coaching, speaking, online courses, conferences, and retreats. She empowers you to thrive through all circumstances.

Dr. Deirtre guides you to navigate through the exploration and reframing of your mindset to see opportunities from obstacles, victories in valleys, gratefulness from grief and triumph over the traumas in your life.

Dr. Deirtre believes that no matter what you have been through there is benefit and new beginnings that can come from it. And that Becoming BETTER doesn't have to be a challenge, but your choice.

Dr. Deirtre is a winner over many personal obstacles, transitions, and delays in life and business.

Dr. Deirtre uses a no-nonsense, matter of fact and candid transparency but loving and non-judgmental approach in her coaching and public speaking that has reached millions and makes her relevant, relatable, and reachable.

Dr. Deirtre is a trauma growth strategist and Better U Coach and trainer. She has more than 25 years of experience in transforming and training women and leaders in self-development and mind-set building.

Dr. Deirtre is the founder of Better Life Coaching & Consulting, The Better U Training Center and Co-founder of Cotton & Cotton Enterprise, LLC and soon to be Author of the book “Better After Being Broken.”

Dr. Deirtre is a graduate of Stonybrook University in Stonybrook, New York and York Christian International University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida where she has acquired her bachelor’s in political science and Social Science, Minoring in Child and Family Studies and Doctorate degree in Counseling.

She is a PWN certified life and women’s empowerment coach and certified anger management specialist.

Dr. Deirtre is a mother, wife, and “doula” (midwife) to many. She is an ordained minister and Kingdom entrepreneur. She has a passion for real estate investing, renovating and revitalizing homes. She loves her dogs, jet skiing, spending time with family and having fun. Her life, laugh and love for others is contagious.



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