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Company Name: CB Experience Consulting Group (CBE)

Mailing Address


P.O. Box 503192
San Diego, California







Cynthia Blevins


  • Customer Service Skills
  • Diversity Training: Women's Issues
  • Logistics Planning and Process Improvement
  • Certified Professional Development

Seminars and Workshop Topics Offered:

  • New Beginners Bible Instruction
  • Entrepreneurs Institute - Coaching & Consulting Certification
  • Train-the-Trainer Women's Issues Certification
  • Customer Service Professionalism Certification
  • Boot Camp Logistics & Project Management Proficiency
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • R.E.A.L. Effective Leadership Skills

Professional Organizations:

  • Professional Woman Network and Speakers Bureau
  • American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)
  • National Association of Female Executives (NAFE)
  • Professional Woman Author's Institute
  • Human Resources Certification

Cynthia Blevins is President and Founder of CB Experience Consulting Group (CBE). as a highly sought-after Trainer. She is an author, speaker and recognized trainer and consultant in professional and spiritual life strategies for excellence with a special emphasis in training leaders in customer service and business development solutions.

Ms. Blevins is an acknowledged authority in professional development training, customer call center management, and problem solving techniques. She offers 1 on 1 spiritual and professional coaching to individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners and their executive staff.

Throughout her 30+year career Ms. Blevins has acquired significant knowledge and experience within the Customer Service and Training industry. The CBE Consulting Group customizes workshops and seminars dedicated to helping corporations, small businesses, and individuals in pursuit of professional excellence. Ms Blevins has a passion to equip clients with the latest techniques to move forward with a competitive advantage. She creates formal documentation with a compliance distinction and project management logistic services for multimillion dollar companies to develop strategic planning and processes within the medical device industry.

In the course of her affiliation with the Professional Woman Network, Ms Blevins has obtained certifications in Customer Service Professionalism, Diversity Training Skills, and Leadership Skills for Women. Ms Blevins also holds certification in Human Resource Management and Project Management for Trainers.


Contact: Professional Woman Publishing
P.O. Box 333 • Prospect KY. 40059
Tele: 502.345.4139

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