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Elaine Bailey Anderson

Books Authored:

Elaine is a published author in the following books:

  • Smart Women Embrace Transitions – Edited by Sheri McConnell (Amazon)
  • The Success Guide for the Unstoppable Entrepreneur – Edited by Erika Gilchrist (Amazon)
  • View From The Top - Leadership Strategies for Women – Edited by Linda Ellis Eastman (Amazon)
  • The Coaching Gurus (Amazon) - Edited by Linda Ellis Eastman

Areas of Expertise:

  • International Business and Executive Coach-Mentor (25 years)
  • Owner & Founder of CoachBrilliant - Coaching Academy
  • Coaching/Teaching professional coaches, therapists, counsellors, consultants, and service-based business owners
  • Certified Enneagram Practitioner and Teacher
  • Certified KOLBE Consultant
  • Learning and Development Specialist
  • Leadership Development Specialist
  • Expert in Behavioral Analysis

Seminars or keynotes Offered:

  • ENNEAGRAM AND THE COACH - How to deepen your own self-knowledge to authentically and successfully use the wisdom of the Enneagram with your clients in your coaching practice.
  • UNCOVER YOUR NATURAL STRENGTHS - Learn how to use your mental energy to make deliberate, conscious choices and be more productive! How to do things YOUR way!
  • STARTING OVER - How to reveal the next positive version of yourself.


Elaine is a World-Class Coach, Mentor, Consultant, and Developer of People.

She has traveled the world training, coaching, and consulting in a 30-year career as a professional Leadership Development & Behavioral Development Consultant, Executive Coach, Mentor, and Business Coach.

Elaine has created, designed, and delivered internationally successful cutting-edge leadership programs, coaching programs, and behavioral skills training. She has developed 1000s of leaders, coaches, therapists, business owners, and consultants, in large international organizations, medium-sized and small businesses, solo businesses and freelancers, and individual private clients, from a wide range of professional fields.

She has trained, accredited, and certified leaders, HR professionals, professional coaches, therapists, and Learning & Development Consultants on how to become effective coaches, mentors, trainers, and consultants. She has also consulted with and trained organizations to implement their own mentoring programs.

She owned her own highly successful International coaching and development consulting business before moving from the UK to the USA in 2013 to support her friend, Christine Kane, in her business coaching organization - Uplevel You. At Uplevel You, Elaine worked as Master Coach, mentoring clients and leading the coaching team for 7 years.

Elaine is the founder and CEO of CoachBrilliant LLC – An International coaching academy committed to the growth and empowerment of professional coaches, therapists, and service-based business owners. At CoachBrilliant Elaine develops, teaches and coaches certified coach-training programs - helping clients develop their coaching skills, and deepen their own self-knowledge so they can build deep, trusting, and powerful relationships with their clients. She also provides strategy, marketing, and business coaching in her own private coaching practice.

Elaine’s Master’s Degree in Coaching and Mentoring Practice is from Oxford Brookes University, UK. She is a Business Practitioner in NLP and a Chartered MCIPD. She is certified and specializes in the Enneagram and Kolbe - using both of these as foundational practices in her coaching work. She is an expert in creating behavioral and transformational change, and a published author.

Elaine has devoted her life and career to helping others achieve transformational change, personal and professional success, and fulfillment through her deep coaching work.

How to contact Elaine:
Email: info@coachbrilliant.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elainejbailey/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/coachbrilliant
Website: http://www.coachbrilliant.com



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