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Company Name: Essential Coaching Ltd



Auckland, New Zealand



+64 21 2831888







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Adair Good

WE61 - The Total WomanWE61 - The Total Woman


  • How To Break the Glass Ceiling without a Hammer
  • Madame CEO: How to think and act like a Chief Executive
  • Tapping into Your CEO - Self Leadership
  • Creating a Blueprint for Inner Change


Business Advisory for SME's
Business and Personal Development Coaching
Executive Coaching
Corporate Learning & Development
Leadership Development
Career Management/Transition
Personal Branding/Image
Psychometrics profiling

Seminars and topics offered:

  • Business Workshops
    • Leadership Development
    • Career Management for Women
    • Self Empowerment 
    • Running your own business
    • Pivoting your business in uncertain times
    • Personal Branding/Image
    • Emergenetics - A Meeting of the Minds (Psychometrics)

Adair Good is an experienced Business Advisor, Coach and Learning & development professional with over 25 years work experience in Corporate, Government and SME business.

She holds a Master Coaches qualification and an advanced Diploma in Adult Education and is a certified Learning Associate for Emergenetics International.

She has provided Executive coaching for MD's of Banks, Partners in Law firms and SME business owners as well as other business leaders. 

Her clients include: American Express, Pearson Media, Hong Kong MTR, BlankRome (HK), BNZ, AIA etc.

Adair has extensively travelled and lived and worked in Hong kong and Singapore (16 years). She has now returned home to NZ and lives in Auckland, NZ and has her own Business Advisory consultancy. 

Adair has co-authored books for PWN and been a writer for a column in the South China Morning Post. (HK). She was a founding member of the HKICC (Hong Kong International Coaching Community) and a member of the WBOC (Women Business Owners Club HK) and was a parent elected school councillor in HK. 

In her spare time she likes to walk, play a bit of tennis and socialise with friends and family.



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Tele: 502.345.4139

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