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Aura Adriana Delgado


  • The Female Architect: How to Build Confidence (releases 2016)
  • Your Personal GPS: How to Navigate Life Challenges & Roadblocks (releases 2016)

Aura Adriana Delgado is a mentor, researcher, professor, activist, wife and Venezuelan mother, who describes herself as a communicator, survivor of domestic violence, dedicated to her formative labor in spaces so diverse as the University, and extension spaces in local neighborhoods and slums where she hustles to bring the message of gender equity, extending information about prevention of violence against women.

She graduated with honors as an educator very young, and shared her work with parenting, and the developing of a company with her then husband. The marriage dynamics degenerated into events that jeopardized her personal integrity and that of their children, so she decided to flee her hometown and resettle in Valencia, seeking for new horizons to "start over". During that period, she tried to form a new company and was defrauded, occurrence that almost left her in the streets with 2 kids, aged 7 and 9. In that moment, and practically hitting rock bottom, she decided to reinvent herself once again and reach for the internal resources each person has within, and deliver heart and intention, retaking her career as an educator, working in several institutions until obtaining a Master's degree in Research, which opened the doors to a job offer in the University of Carabobo, where she entered as a professor in the area of Research Methodology, accomplishing her degree of Doctor in Social Sciences, addressing the issue of work equity between men and women. She is national and international speaker and author, Coordinator of investigations of the Council of Scientific and Humanistic Development of the University of Carabobo, and she dedicates her life to form generations cognizant of the importance of personal growth and autonomy to achieve a full life.



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